Pet Grooming

Like us, our furry friends need grooming—almost for the same reasons we do. I am not sure if stepping out in style is one of pets’ top priorities but I know cleaning up makes them fresh, keeps bugs and diseases at bay, guarantees their safety, and protects the people and stuff around them.

While every pet owner wants the best for their furry friend, some owners struggle with pet cleaning. If not done right, cleaning can be tedious to the pet owner and scary to the pet. A nightmare for both.

If you are the proud owner to the newest pup on the block, starting the cleaning routine the right way is key. Doing it right the first few times will make grooming or cleaning time a moment to play, bond and shine.

How to Clean Your Pet


Brushing rids pets of loose hair/fur, evenly distributes the oil on the pet’s skin, and prevents mats from forming. When brushing, start from the head and then work your way down to the tail. Be a little more careful with the under-side (belly) though. It is sensitive.

Be careful not to over brush. It might irritate your pet’s skin. If you are unable to detangle a mat, consider shaving it off and if it’s in a delicate place, it’s a good idea to put a comb under it before using scissors – to prevent an injury.

Clean the eyes

If your breed is hairy, you will need to do a little more to keep your pet’s eyes clean and healthy, but if it’s not, your job is as easy as wiping or gently scrubbing off the crust below or at the corners of your pet’s eyes.

Some breeds tear in the eyes and even stain the fur around if it is white. Do a little research or consult with a professional groomer to show you how to go about cleaning their eyes. If trimming around the eyes is necessary, let a groomer do it for you. The professionals at TLC Dog Food can help you figure it out. Reach out!

Clean the ears

To clean your pet’s ears use a clean damp cotton ball but be careful not to let the ear cleaning solution drip into the ears. Unless you are dealing with an infection, you just need to gently wipe out dirt and wax. Try to only wipe as far as you can see

Clean the teeth

This is not an easy assignment with some breeds but ideally, you need to brush your pet’s teeth every day—like you do yours. Don’t use your toothpaste though. It contains fluoride. Get dog toothpaste.

You don’t have to start with a dog toothbrush right from the start. You can start by rubbing toothpaste on your pet’s gum and teeth or using gauze and then slowly introduce the toothbrush.

Clip the nails

Regular clipping is great. Clip but avoid the quick (where blood vessels are). If you are unable to clip your pet’s nails every other time, remember to do it the instance you hear them hitting the floor when he or she walks. It means they are overgrown

Wash your pet

Always use lukewarm water. Not cold or hot. Start wetting from the back then slowly work your way down. Once your pet is completely soaked, apply shampoo on the coat and rub to remove dirt and feel for any bumps. Pet shampoos come with “how to use instructions” Do read and follow them for best results. Some shampoos help get rid of ticks and fleas while some are for prevention (hence best for daily use

Use a wet towel to clean the head but when washing is necessary, avoid running water into the ears, and when rinsing his or her face, cover the eyes and nose.

The Dos and Don’ts of Pet Grooming and Cleaning

  • Do invest in a good pair of clipper blades, comb, and brushes, and soap or shampoo.
  • Do brush before washing to remove mats.
  • Do groom regularly.
  • When washing, start wetting your pet from the back. Starting from the face going down makes them tense.
  • Do use a little soap or shampoo and be sure to rinse it off completely.
  • Do clean the ears, eyes and nose carefully to prevent water from getting in.
  • Do rinse the eyes thoroughly with plain water if they come into contact with soap or shampoo.
  • Don’t use cold water. Use warm water.
  • Don’t clean the ears if you don’t know how to do it properly. Seek professional help instead.
  • Don’t clip the quick when clipping the nails.
  • Do trim the furs on the paws using a pair of round tip curved scissors. This is to prevent dirt or particles from getting trapped in the paws.
  • Do clip your pet’s nails/claws if they are touching the ground. It means they are too long.

N.B Grooming alone does not guarantee a healthy pet. Grooming should be accompanied with proper feeding of your pet. TLC DOG FOOD offers you a variety of dog food like TLC dog rice, TLC dog mince, TLC bone meal and TLC pet biltong which ensure that your dog gets all the nutrients it requires for a healthy life. A clean and healthy dog is a joy to both the pet owner and the pet it.

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