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Tips for Boarding your Cat or Dog

Are your boarding your pet this holiday season? Here are some important tips to make sure your furry friend is happy and healthy while they’re in boarding.

Your life is going to change once your fluffy friend joins in the family. Pets are adorable but it’s not always that their homecoming spells happily ever after, and it’s never their fault. Getting ready and preparing your home could make it easy for your new addition to fit in, and simplify your job.

As a pet owner, not preparing well in advance could pose challenges you did not anticipate. For instance you might get frustrated when your puppy cries endlessly at night and you have no idea what to do to make him comfortable, when he shreds your favorite pillow and you don’t know how best to avoid the mess, when he makes a snack of your favorite sandals—last gift from your late grandma . . . and makes it a habit to chew on anything and everything, when he continually pees your fluffy carpet and you desperately need him to stop…the list is endless.

There are many ways you can ensure both you and your pet start enjoying your lives together right from the start.

Here are ways you can prepare yourself to be a mom or dad, and how to make your home pet-friendly and pet-proof.

  • A Pet’s Basic Needs

First things first so, we’re starting with your pet’s basic needs. These include food, shelter or personal space, and pet care.


You will learn over time what flavors of food and snacks your pet prefers but his breeder or could help with this to help you stock up on his food early in advance. But don’t just go with flavor. There is more to dog food. Most pet owners—some of who initially struggled with their dog’s health and nutrition needs strongly recommend brands that look into providing your pet with a balanced and safe meal. TLC Dog Food, for instance use fresh ingredients.

This is not the case with all dog food manufacturers. Some use preservatives that could cause serious liver or blood problems. The FDA is always trying their best to warn pet owners but manufacturers even find clever ways to name the otherwise toxic ingredients—mostly preservatives. Acquaint yourself with dog food content, or to keep safe, stock up on food and snacks from the best dog food manufacturer.

Personal Space

Like us, pets need their personal space. If you don’t plan on sharing your couch or bed with your pet, get him a crate. Make it comfortable and if he’s a pup, you might want to put a clock somewhere near to imitate the heartbeat of the other pups he was used to. He’ll love it.

The other thing you need is knowledge on how to take care of the pet; from cleaning to grooming and daily routine. We shared important tips and covered everything you need to know about pet cleaning (particularly dogs) here *insert link to the article*. Feel free to take notes…


On the first day especially if your pet is a pup or one from the shelter, if he seems uncomfortable by himself, it would be fine to share the couch or your bed, then you can switch to him sleeping in his crater once he is used to being around and feeling safe and loved.

Pet care

Do you know how to clean a dog—head to toe? Can you tell if it’s time to clip your pet’s nails? Do you know up to what point of the nail you should clip? Do you know how to wash his head to avoid getting water into his ears and nose? None of these is obvious…and sometimes you might need a pro to help out. Based on your pet’s breed, find out how to maintain them and their environment. We comprehensively covered the basics in one of our articles. It’s a good starting point for you. Here *insert link to the article*

  • Love and Responsibility

If you live with family or share a home with friends, it would be a good idea to share the love as well as the responsibility of taking care of the new addition in the family. Be clear about who will be taking care of what on the dog’s schedule from feeding to playing, walking, vet visits, training and all of that.

  • Pet-proofing

This could be the most important thing. Keep chemicals and drugs out of pets’ reach. Keep them in high shelves, tape your electrical chords firmly, and keep all small pieces that could be a choking hazard to your pet out of reach as well.

While at it, try to protect your stuff. You are allowed to move some ‘stuff of (pet) interest’ to some room he does not access, set limit or boundaries for your fluffy housemate, get him alternative things to chew on or scratch on if he loves doing that, and if you share the couch or dining seats…have them vacuum cleaned regularly. You can also wipe.


It takes two to tango. You can be extremely happy with your pet from the first day, and it can be a daunting task to own a happy and healthy pet. If you master your pet’s needs and help him learn how to best help you care for him, you two will live happily ever after. Do it right from the very first day.

Good luck and enjoy!

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